The Crown-less Again Shall Be King


I. When your mother asked why it was over, you blankly stared at her and told her it wasn’t working out. She sighs and says she was a good girl as you nonchalantly stand in the doorway making it seem like that inevitable commentary didn’t bother you at all.

ii. The girls you’ve now surrounded yourself wear pink lipstick and draw hearts on their notebooks and sneer and giggle as she walks by because they love being reassured that she’s the psychotic one now because that’s what you tell everyone else to get by every day seeing her happy with someone else

III. Your friends laugh while making comments about how she “wasn’t worth all your time, bro” or “you could get it from any other bitch.” so you put up an egotistical front saying that you’re the best she’ll ever get with the knowledge that it’s the exact opposite

IV. You’ve trained yourself to hate the sound of her name because you can’t stand hearing the one thing you can’t seem to forget

V. You’ve convinced everyone around you that you’re the one who called it quits. You ended it. It was her fault. You’re the one who said goodbye. And you’ve almost fooled everyone, with the exception of yourself. Because sometimes you still find pieces of her around and wonder why she always lost her left earring instead of the right.

- The Truth About Your Break-Up (via therestofpage20)
"Fear wanted to convince me to run because in fear’s mind, love is dangerous. Love means loss. Love mean losing myself or losing the other person. Love means risking my heart and breaking down the layers of control. Real love means that I have to be accountable and vulnerable and, since I had never met someone with whom I felt safe enough to do this, almost every fiber in my body and soul wanted to run."
- Sheryl Paul